What people say

"This is the book to start reading now to ensure you can make the right decisions on how to apply AI in your business"

Sune Lomholt
Principal Consultant at Valcon

"The best book, currently, on realistic AI applications: factual, accurate and hype-free"

Alain Couniot
Head of Enterprise Architecture, STIB-MIVB

Why this book

AI is ready.
People are not.

We wrote this book to help non-technical people understand what AI is, what they can do with it and how they can bring it into their organization. At the end of the book you'll be ready to face the AI era and make your career and your organization profit from it.

The Details

What's in the book

What is modern AI?

The hype surrounding AI makes it hard to understand what it really is all about. The book is a hype-free, no-filters resource to understand this.

What can you build with AI?

In a world where AI is often described as a silver bullet for every challenge, this book will give you the knowledge to understand what AI can and can't do.

Do you want to be a leader in bringing AI to your organization? We'll give you a practical methodology to spot projects with high ROI potential.

How to develop an AI implementation strategy

Let's say you have a great idea for an AI project. How do you bring it to life? This book provides solid, applicable answers to this question.

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Meet the writers

AI is our passion and our work. We are the founding partners of the AI consulting firm AI Academy. We have helped young startups and large corporations embrace AI with strategy and vision workshops.

Gianluca Mauro

I'm Gianluca, an engineer and entrepreneur based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm passionate about spreading the word on AI by writing and holding lectures and keynotes around the world.

Nicolò Valigi

I'm Nicolò, a Software Engineer. I'm preparing for the Robotic revolution by working on algorithms for self-driving cars and drones.